In the year 2019, Valmiki Jayanti will be celebrated on the 13th Oct. Valmiki Jayanti festival is celebrated every year to mark the birthday of maharishi Valmiki who wrote epic Ramayana. His real name was Ratnakar. he grew up to become a sage after meeting Vedic sage Narada Muni who gave him Ram mantra. On chanting and repeating the mantra for years, he became so still that ants formed hills around him. The sage is also a character in the epic Ramayana and appears as a monk who received Sita, Lord Rama’s wife, into his hermitage and taught her sons, Luv and Kush during their exile period.

On Pargat Diwas representations of Valmiki, commonly portrayed as a priest wearing saffron-hued robes and holding a plume and paper, are paraded in parades called Shobha Yatra through the primary roads of the Valmiki territory, joined by road reverential singing.

Valmiki Jayanti Images & Quotes

I humbly pray to sage Valmiki on his birth anniversary. Happy Valmiki Jayanti!


maharishi valmiki jayanti

Wishing a very Happy Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti to everyone. Let us follow his teachings for a better and happier life.

valmiki jayanti image

May you be blessed by Maharishi Valmiki on Valmiki Jayanti. May his teachings and blessings always be with you. Happy Balmiki Jayanti.

valmiki jayanti
valmiki jayanti

Likh di jisne katha pavitra Sita Ram ki,
Saath hi batai bhakti Ram Bhakt Hanuman ki,
Prem bhai Bharat aur Lakshman ka anutha,
Kaise Ma Kaushalya Dashrath se bhagya rootha,
Happy Valmiki Jayanti!

valmiki jayanti quotes
valmiki jayanti quotes

Sage Valmiki wrote the epic Ramayana and spread the story of Lord Ram to each one of us. Happy Valmiki Jayanti!


Daya ka sagar hai Maharishi Valmiki
Gyan ka strot hai Maharishi Valmiki,
Ramayan ke srijan hai Prabhu Valmiki,
Aise mahan Guru ki Jayanti par aap sabko badhai!


I bow down to Maharishi Valmiki on his birth anniversary today. Happy Valmiki Jayanti!


Kar Diya Maha Chamatkaar Apne Nir-Gunn Balak Ka Kar Diya Jeewan Uddhaar Guru Ji Ke Charno Mein Mera Baar Baar Parnaam! Happy Valmiki Jayanti!


On the auspicious occasion of Pargat Diwas, let us seek blessings of Maharishi Valmiki to find the purpose of our existence and do good deeds for a beautiful tomorrow.